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Summer + Navy

So let's talk about navy.

You know how black is the go-to neutral for fall/winter? Well that's what navy is for spring/summer.

It should be your go-to.


I'll explain.

Let's face it, black is amazing. It's really hard to go wrong wearing just black. I'm so obsessed with it that I refuse to wear anything but black between October and March.

However, it's kind of harsh for the warm spring and summer days.

In color theory, black is not a color but a shade. This is great to wear in the winter because everything is cold and dead, and black reflects that. In the spring and summer when trees and flowers bloom and surround us with vibrant colors, we reflect that by wearing colors as well. That's why navy is so great because it's still a color! It's just a dark shade of blue!

Now before you go thinking that because it's a color it can't go with anything. That is 100% false. Navy is a neutral, so it goes with just about anything.

White, blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and my personal favorite, pink. The list could go on.

Navy just embodies the feel of summer. There's nothing more chic than a crisp white top with a clean navy skirt or pants or vice versa. Wear all navy with pop of color in your shoes, accessories or makeup!

Where do you wear navy?


Picnic? Navy. Boating? Navy. Church? Navy.

Just wear navy.

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