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Fall into Fall

Fall is officially here!

The leaves are changing colors, pumpkin spice is in the air, and cool breezes are coming in, which means your wardrobe has to make a change. Helloooo sweater weather!

As you open up your box of fall/winter clothes you’ll probably come to the realization that you actually don’t have as many sweaters as you thought. We’ve all been there. So what do you do?

Good news, there are ways to get the most out of what’s already your wardrobe, and that’s through creating a transitional wardrobe.

What does that mean exactly?

Creating a transitional wardrobe is using what items you already have in your closet and making them appropriate for the season. The easiest way to accomplish this is by adding layers to your wardrobe. Layers enable you to scale back if you’re too warm, or add layers if you get chilled as temperatures drop. It's that simple, but there are some rules. Once you master them you’ll find that your outfit possibilities have doubled and your money is being saved.

So here are some tips:

1. Know your colors.

In order to dress for fall/winter you need to know what colors work best with the season. That’s anything that’s warm or neutral. Mustard, maroon, dark orange, olive, cream, gray, black, etc. In other words, just take a look at the leaves outside and match what you see!

2. Layer with a cardigan.

This is one of the easiest steps that can make the most difference in your wardrobe. You have so many short sleeved shirts that are just waiting to be worn, so find those that are fall appropriate. Layer it with a cardigan or or jacket that corresponds with that color. The same trick can be used for your dresses.

3. Take advantage of your long sleeves.

This is pretty obvious, but needs to be said nonetheless. Long sleeves are made for cold weather, so wear them! There’s just something about long sleeves that not only feel much cozier, but look it too. This also includes three-quarter length sleeves. They cover up the majority of your arms, but prevent you from overheating with the amount of skin that is left exposed.

4. Wear a scarf.

 Bear with me for a moment while I get on my soap box. Scarves are one of the greatest things ever invented and will change your life. If you go to Europe you’ll see that come fall Europeans all wearing a great scarf. Why? BECAUSE THEY’RE WARM. I feel like most Americans still don’t get that scarves are more than just a fashion statement, they make the BIGGEST difference in the cold weather! They protect your skin from the cold air and keep you insulated! Seriously, wear scarves. Not to mention that there are so many cute ones out there that they can be an adorable addition to your outfit. Okay, off my soap box.

5. Rock the ankle boot.

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about cold weather is the opportunity to wear you darling ankle boots. They take an outfit from summer to fall in a second, so be sure to make them a staple in your wardrobe.

6. Wear tights.

I’m hopping on my soap box again. Ladies, tights are the best and should be your favorite thing. I know we all hated them when we were because our moms made us wear them and they were itchy, but I promise you they’ve much improved since then! They keep you warm anytime you want to wear a skirt or dress. In fact, you SHOULD be wearing tights with skirts and dresses if it’s 40 degrees or colder. And why not? They look appropriate for the season and are cute! Plus there are so many cute colors and prints available nowadays that they can be the cherry on top to a cute fall outfit!

7. Put a sweater over it.

Putting sweaters over button up blouses or a short sleeve dress can not only warm you up but also show that you’re ready for fall.

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